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Pauline E. Higgins & Associates bring over 30 years of legal and CPA experience and an in-depth understanding to the processes of organizational transformation through diversity and inclusion for hiring and selection, leadership development, team building, and conflict resolution. Her proprietary process enables higher levels of performance and contributes to business success for individuals and organizations in top companies and a broad array of industries including energy, transportation, manufacturing, financial services, utilities, franchising entity, hotel industry, education, and technology.

Pauline E. Higgins, LLM, JD, CPA
“Pauline's experience, savvy, and passion have led us in achieving many of our diversity and inclusion goals. Pauline has been an agent of change for the Firm creating structures, processes, programs, and awareness that will serve us well in the future. She has accomplished a great deal with us and in the best spirit of diversity has prepared many others within the Firm to do what needs to continue.”
Peter Riley, Former Chairman & Managing Partner, THOMPSON & KNIGHT LLP

“Throughout Mrs. Higgins' service at METRO, she committed herself to improved organizational performance, effectiveness and efficiency, mentoring, diversity and inclusion of all persons, ethics, public service, and a transparent work environment, expressing her respect for public funds, public trust, and the need for a transparent government”
George Greanias, President and CEO

"Our firm could not be happier with the diversity services provided, and results obtained, by Pauline Higgins. Pauline is a true professional. Her passion, commitment and dedication toward achieving greater diversity and inclusion in the legal profession is unmatched anywhere. I have watched Pauline analyze diversity related situations, develop practical solutions and actively assist in implementing those solutions. Pauline's hands on approach to diversity services sets the standard to which others aspire. She is amazing".
Bruce J. Ruzinsky

Pauline E. Higgins & Associates